Connections that improve payment reliability at lower cost

We help design your payout and payment program
to leverage any industry, network and banking partner with the flexibility to grow.

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Connections Information


Our API-first design enables clients to deliver modern, flexible and scalable payment solutions beyond what is possible with legacy systems.

A developer-friendly integration is a single connection to 14 networks, 15 fintech focused banking partners and 170+ countries and territories so you can accept payments and send payouts optimized for speed, performance,
and cost.

Improve payments performance and create new business models with ease using the TabaPay API.

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We own 100% of the payment stack and provide direct connections to
 14 networks ensuring your payments and payouts are optimized for speed, performance, and cost.

Cost savings with every transaction

On average, clients save 50%
in processing fees with TabaPay.
Connections Information
Connections Information

Full cost transparency for
every transaction

TabaPay's cost plus pricing model provides clarity so you know what you are paying for, down to every transaction. We provide the overall lowest cost for instant money movement with access to custom interchange and debt repayment programs, least cost routing and
no extra fees.

Intelligent least-cost routing technology

TabaPay directly connects to regional PINless debit networks and uses machine learning to find the most cost-effective route for your transaction with no extra fees.

Unique interchange categories

We use specialized transaction codes for disbursements, debt repayment, account funding, and other Fintech transactions to help you save money.

Payment optimization

Pick and choose your preferred network
and payment method for each transaction, optimizing for cost, speed, and coverage.

No gateway fees

TabaPay's direct connections to networks means we don't have to use a gateway and you pay fewer fees.


We created a growing network
of partner banks to support any use case. These 15 banking partnerships in the US and Canada provide banking services
to the majority of Fintechs.

For banks interested in joining the TabaPay banking network, click here. tap here.


Integrated Partners

Our partners offer embedded money movement solutions such as instant account funding, payouts, lending services, gateway services and more. Our flexible, instant money movement platform provides the same security and reliability for direct clients
and partners.

If you are a BaaS, Issuer Processor, Loan Service Platform, ISV Gateway or other potential partner interested in integrating with TabaPay, click here.