Customize your program with our suite of integrated features

Remove friction from your payments experience without compromising on security or compliance

Features Information
Features Information

and Fraud Mitigation

TabaPay Shield™ can help you
risk without sacrificing customer experience
apple or google pay
Apple Pay/Google Pay
A frictionless and secure way for users to make payments that can reduce fraud rates and improve chargeback wins.
3ds security
Use device and user data to authenticate legitimate transactions
fraud monitoring
Proactive fraud monitoring
Advanced algorithms that leverage fraud reporting by other clients, reducing fraud throughout our ecosystem.
Confirm address information
to reduce fraud.
Authentication shield


Compliance can be a daunting task, but we have tools to reduce the burden
pci compliance
PCI compliance
Protect your customers’ card information and reduce your PCI scope by securely transmitting to TabaPay.
TabaPay tokenizes all PANs to offload

PCI scope for merchants without

an added cost.
Stay ahead of money laundering schemes and control risk with a complete picture of customer relationships, real time transaction monitoring and accurate predictions of AML risk.

Self-Service Portal

A single source of truth for all your reporting needs:
  • Reports and invoices
  • Card entry
  • Transaction status research
reports and invoices reports and invoices

Detailed daily and monthly

An intuitive interface to analyze individual and summaries
of transactions, chargebacks, interchange, network assessments, processing fees, and total paid to merchant.
Show the full details of any and every transaction
with full cost transparency
Export reports and invoices for easy reconciliation Manage users to ensure the right people within your organization
can respond to customer requests
Banks and ISOs can manage and view sub merchants

Utilize a PCI-compliant virtual terminal for:

one off payment

One-off payments

Enable customer service
representatives to accept PCI-compliant one-off payments


Immediately fund loans or process

a failed disbursement to an alternative payment method
request for payments

Request for payment

Send a request for payment

to customers via text message

or email
transaction status researchtransaction status research

Easily check the status

of a transaction in real-time

Enable customer service agents
to search for
a transaction and help troubleshoot issues with transactions
Provide better service to your customers and mitigate excessive
retry fees with an easy way to search transactions
Show the full details of what
transpired along with
decline codes


Omnichannel payouts and payments
In app
Transactions with a
PCI-compliant iframe
Transactions with a PCI-
compliant iframe
Virtual terminal
Virtual terminal
A PCI-compliant virtual terminal for one-off payments, payouts or request for payments
Conduct transactions in-person with several terminals

Frictionless payment experiences for your customers

apple pay or google pay

Apple Pay/Google Pay

Simplified customer experience with lower fraud and chargeback rates
Apple Pay and Google Pay provide a frictionless, seamless and secure way for users to make payments with supported devices. Users can complete payments or payouts with a single tap that has enhanced authentication and no lengthy forms required. Enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay can improve customer experiences and boost transaction performance.
Account updater

Account updater

Update card-on-file 
When storing payment credentials on behalf
of your users, an unexpected change can significantly impact your business. In the event
a card is lost, stolen or expired, the TabaPay Account Updater works in real-time to ensure your credentials-on-file are valid.
Authorization rates

Authorization rates

Best-in-class authorization rates for

a variety of use cases
Proprietary machine learning algorithms trained on millions of Fintech transactions proactively route transactions based on the issuer, use case, authentication parameters and other factors. Clients often see an uplift in authorization rates and improved user experiences with TabaPay.