Enable customers to easily send digital funds to family
and friends – anywhere, anytime


Customers expect to send money to family and friends around the world or right next
to them, immediately. Card-based payments are faster and more reliable than legacy methods.


Use a single connection for immediate and low-cost domestic payments to fund
domestic and cross-border payouts to cards and accounts in 190+ countries.

Connections Information

lower cost

In 2021, the global average for digital remittances was 4.64% & non-digital was 6.66%
Remittance Prices Worldwide - The World Bank, March 2022

Use Cases


Fund a remittance

Accept payments to fund
remittances to recipients

Cross-border push to recipient

Push funds to a recipient’s card
or bank account in 190+ countries

Push to recipient

Push funds to a recipient’s card
in the same country as the payment

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